Time: U.S.

The following article was written by Mike Scotti for Time U.S. and published on May 25, 2012 The Aftershocks of War

New York Times: Opinion

The following opinion article was written by Mike Scotti for the New York Times and published on May 27, 2012 The V.A.’s Shameful Betrayal

CNN Articles

Below are published articles that Mike Scotti has written for CNN. July 1, 2012 There is no shame in not being Superman December 26, 2012 Soldiers’ selfless acts should inspire at holidays March 10, 2010 Back from Iraq war, and alone

NPR The Take Away

Mike has been a regular guest on NPR’s The Take Away. To hear his episode clips, click here.

Cinemaspy – Interview with Mike Scotti

On September 11, 2001 when two airliners were flown into the towers of New York’s World Trade Center, the weather over the city was ’severe clear,’ the sky a bright blue and cloudless with seemingly infinite visibility. The repercussions of the events of that day...

NBC – Severe Clear First Look

NBC Los Angeles’ coverage of SEVERE CLEAR First Look: Severe Clear A soldier’s look at the war in Iraq. His own words. His own videos. His own experience.