The Inspirational Speaker

Mike Scotti delivers an inspirational and hard-hitting message about overcoming adversity and creating what’s possible.

By integrating actual combat footage he shot during the war into the presentation, he takes the audience on a emotional journey that is both extremely unique and also unforgettable. He draws on his wide range of life experiences to make the presentation relatable to both the veteran and the non-veteran alike.

Having spoken most recently at Chicago Ideas Week as part of the Edison Talks, Mike focuses on the concepts of vulnerability, resolve and the power of the human spirit. He has spoken at commencement ceremonies, at charitable gala fundraisers, at veteran’s groups symposiums and at top-tier universities.

The Moth: Mainstage

“It’s OK if You’re Not OK.”

See Mike speak about overcoming adversity in this short clip.
Run time: 1min 30 sec.

The Complete Video

See the complete video of Mike speaking at The Edison Talks, Chicago Ideas Week, below.
Run time: Approx. 15 minutes.