In the Press

Mike Scotti in Print

Mike Scotti has articles about coming home from the war and the difficulties he faced in multiple publications, such as The Wall Street Journal, Men’s Journal, Variety, Marine Corps Times,, the Village Voice, The Star-Ledger, Hollywood Reporter, Interview, and many, many more. This is the entire collection of Mike Scotti’s published interviews, articles, and op/ed pieces.

Mike Scotti on Television

Mike has been interviewed by CNN, CBS, NBC, iFC, the Council on Foreign Relations, Glenn Beck and more. He talks about the movie, “Severe Clear” (“This is War” in the UK) and about the issues our troops returning from the war in Iraq and Afghanistan are dealing with. This is the complete collection of Mike Scotti’s television interviews.

Mike Scotti on Radio

Mike has participated in many radio interviews focusing on Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans and the difficulties they face when returning from a war zone on radio stations and shows such as Man Cow, the BBC, Sirius Satellite Radio, wNYC, the Council on Foreign Relations, and NPR. The full collection of Mike Scotti’s radio interviews that you can listen to online.